Standard Underpinning Bracket

The foundations resting on unstable soil may shift and settle. To correct this problem, helical piers are screwed into stable soils and attached to the foundation with brackets. The underpinning brackets are utilized to support the weight of the structure. It is made from the highest quality steel, and is designed to last for years even under the most strenuous working conditions.

Besides our most popular Standard underpinning brackets,we can also manufacture several other types of brackets and connections.

  • Screw Anchor Brackets

  • Beam Support Bracket

  • Slab Bracket

  • Light Duty Bracket

Notes: OEM service is available, different materials and specifications can be customized according to your demands.

New Construction Brackets for 1-1/2”Helical Piers


  • Material: Bracket-Ductile Iron, Grade 654512 Per ASTM A536;RCS Shaft-Per ASTM A29 or A576

  • Hot-dipped galvanized per ASTM A123, after fabrication

  • Do not exceed 165 ft/lbs of Torque on 7/8" dia.

  • Lifting thread rods during stabilizing or load lock-off.

  • Recommoned anchor shaft cutoff level above the bottom of the footing is 10" to 11" maximum lift distance

  • 5/8"X4-1/2" wedge bolt


Weldment manufactured from 3/8” ASTM A36 Plate

Integrated External Sleeve:

3.5” Dia x0.216” wall x 20” long

ASTM A500 Grade B or C

Yield strength-50ksi(min)

Tensile strength-62ksi(min)

Cap Plate:

1”x4.0”x9.0 ASTM A572 Grade 50 with

confining ring welded to one side

Bracket Hardware:

3/4” X16” long all thread rod, Grade B7

tensile strength=125ksi(min)

Electrozinc plated per ASTM B633

Bracket Finish:

Avaliable plain or hot-dipped galvanized as per ASTM A123


Weldment manufatured from 1/4”,3/8” and 1/2” ASTM A36 steel Plate

Pier Tube:

2.875” x0.155” x36”long triple coated in-line galvanized ASTM A500 Grade C

Yield strength=50ksi(min)

Tensile strength=55ksi(min)

Pier Tube Coupler:

2.25”x0.18”x6” long

Pier Starter Tube:

Pier tube section with 3.376” tricition reduction collar

pressed around leading end

External Sleeve:

3.5”x0.216”x30” or 48” long with welded collar or turned fare at one end

ASTM A500 Grade B or C

Yield strength=50ksi(min)

Tensile strength=62ksi(min)

Cap Plate:

1”x5”x9.0” ASTM A572 Grade 50 with confining ring welded to one side.

Bracket Hardware:

3/4”X16” long all thread rod

Grade B7, tensile strength=125ksi (min)

Electrozinc plated per ASTM b633.